Darkfall Spell Powerleveling

Air Magic skill

NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Agility1Buff1x Ashes1010
Agility1Buff1x Mandrake1010
Arrow Shield1Buff1x Mandrake 1x Nacre88
Arrow Ward40 Buff1x Mandrake88
Arrow Ward40 Buff1x Nacre88
Ball Lightning1Damage2x Mandrake55
Come Hither60Debuff2x Resin1010
Exploding Charge100Damage1x Mandrake1717
Exploding Charge100Damage2x Ash1717
Guiding Wind30Debuff1x Resin1515
Guiding Wind30Debuff2x Sulfur1515
Lightning Bolt20Damage2x Mandrake55
Lightning Shield10Buff1x Mandrake88
Lightning Shield10Buff1x Resin88
Lightning Strike50Damage1x Mandrake88
Lightning Strike50Damage1x Sulfur88
Lightning Ward45Buff1x Mandrake88
Lightning Ward45Buff1x Resin88
LightningWeakness25Debuff1x Bone88
LightningWeakness25Debuff1x Mandrake88
Stormblast70Damage2x Ashes2222
Stormblast70Damage2x Sulfur2222
Thunderstorm75Damage1x Mandrake1717
Thunderstorm75Damagex Ashes1717
Tornado90Damage1x Mandrake1313
Tornado90Damage2x Sulfur1313
Arcnae Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
FlamesofVengeance60Damage1 x Sulfur1919
FlamesofVengeance60Damage2 x Ash1919
Hasten Spells1Buff1x Mandrake 1 x Nacre88
Holy Shield10Buff1 x Bone88
Holy Shield10Buff1 x Mandrake88
Holy Ward80Buff1 x Bone55
Holy Weakness40Debuff1 x Ash1212
Holy Weakness40Debuff1 x Bone1212
Lend Mana20Heal1 x Mandrake3.53.5
Mystic Shield1Buff1 x Mandrake3.53.5
Mystic Ward30Buff10001000
Reflect Spell00Buff2 x Nacre3030
Reflect Spell00Buff3 x Ash3030
Sacred Missile1Damage2 x Ashe1414
Spell Immunity70Buff1 x Mandrake88
Spell Immunity70Buff1 x Nacre88
Virtuous Wrath90Damage1 x Resin1919
Virtuous Wrath90Damage2 x Ash1919
Wall of Force50Damage1 x Bone1010
Wall of Force50Damage2 x Resin1010
Chanting Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Adept1Buff1 x Mandrake3.53.5
Bless Other50Buff1x Bone88
Bless Other50Buff1x Mandrake88
Blessing 20Buff1x Bone88
Blessing 20Buff1x Mandrake88
Healing Chant80Heal1x Mandrake88
Healing Chant80Heal1x Nacre88
Hymn of Intellect75Buff10001000
Hymn of Might25Buff1x Ashes1010
Hymn of Might25Buff1x Mandrake1010
Hymn of Skill60Buff10001000
Hymn of Vigor40 Buff1x Mandrake88
Hymn of Vigor40 Buff1xResin88
HymnofSwiftness1Buff1x Ash1212
HymnofSwiftness1Buff1x Sulfur1212
Mana Blast90Damage10001000
Max Mana Bonus70Buff10001000
Max Stamina Bonus10Buff10001000
Sacrifice30Heal1x Ashes77
Earth Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Acid Arrow1Damage2x Resin1010
Acid Rain75Damage1x Ash1515
Acid Rain75Damage2x Resin1515
Acid Shield20 Buff1x Mandrake88
Acid Shield20 Buff1x Resin88
Acid Ward45Buff1x Mandrake88
Acid Ward45Buff1x Resin88
Brawn1Buff1x Ashes1212
Brawn1Buff1x Resin1212
Corrosive Blast50Damage1x Nacre1010
Corrosive Blast50Damage1x Resin1010
Disintegrate90Damage1x Bone1515
Disintegrate90Damage2x Resin1515
Earthquake1Damage2x Sulfur1010
Impale30Damage1x Bone1010
Impale30Damage1x Sulfur1010
Ironskin80Buff1x Nacre55
Meteor Strike100Damage2x Ash2222
Meteor Strike100Damage2x Resin2222
Pungent Mist70Damage1xResin1010
Pungent Mist70Damage1x Sulfur1010
Stamina Leech60Damage1x Bone1010
Stamina Leech60Damage1x Resin1010
Stoneskin50Buff1x Mandrake88
Stoneskin50Buff1x Nacre88
Tarnish10Debuff1x Bone1010
Tarnish10Debuff1x Resin1010
Fire Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Dragonbreath20Damage1x Ashes1212
Dragonbreath20Damage1x Sulfur1212
Explosion30Damage1 x Sulfur55
Fire Shield25Buff1x Nacre55
Fire Ward40Buff1x Nacre55
Fireball50Fireball1x Nacre1010
Fireball50Fireball1x Sulfur1010
Firebolt1Damage2x Sulfur1010
Haste25Buff1 x Ashes1010
Haste25Buff1 x Mandrake1010
Impetus1 Buff1 x Mandrake3.53.5
Inferno90Damage1 x Bone1515
Inferno90Damage2 x Sulfur1515
Magma Storm75Damage1 x Sulfur1515
Magma Storm75Damage2 x Resin1515
Rapid Shot60Buff1 x Ash1010
Rapid Shot60Buff1x Mandrake1010
Smoke Signal1Utility1 x Ash77
Volcano100Damage2 x Resin1919
Volcano100Damage2 x Sulfur1919
Wall of Fire70Damage1 x Bone1010
Wall of Fire70Damage2 x Sulfur1010
Weakening Blaze10Debuff1 x Bone1010
Weakening Blaze10Debuff1 x sulfur1010
Greater magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Beacon1Debuff 1 x Ash77
Flesh Curse30Debuff1 x Bone1010
Frailty10Debuff1 x Sulfur55
Heal Other15Heal1x Mandrake3.53.5
Infliction Shield20Buff1 x Nacre55
Infliction Ward40 Buff1 x Nacre55
Insight75Buff1 x Resin55
Missile Fury90Damage2 x Sulfur1010
Rend1DOT1 x Bone55
Shrapnel70Damage1 x Nacre55
Telekinesis50Debuff1 x Ash1212
Telekinesis50Debuff1 x Sulfur1212
Unburden25Buff1x Mandrake3.53.5
Venom60DOT1 x Resin55
lesser magic skills
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
BlastLM 100Damage1 x Sulfur55
BurdenLM 80Debuff1 x resin55
Eldritch SphereLM25Damage1 x Sulfur55
Heal MountLM 50Buff1 x mandrake3.53.5
Heal SelfNoneBuffNone22
Health to ManaLM 25Buff1 x Sulfur55
LaunchLM 70Debuff1 x Sulfur55
Lay on HandsLM 1Buff1 x Resin55
Magic ShieldLM 1Buff1 x Nacre55
Magic WardLM 25Buff1 x Nacre55
Mana DrainLM 40Damage1 x Sulfur55
Mana MissileNoneDamageNone22
Manat oStaminaLM 30Buff1 x Resin55
Stamina toHealthLM 60Buff1 x mandrake3.53.5
Necromacy Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Bludgeoning Weakness40Debuff1 x Bone10001000
Bludgeoning Weakness40Debuff1 x Resin10001000
Cursed Bolt1Damage2 x Bone10001000
Death Fog80DOT1 x Ash10001000
Death Fog80DOT2 x Bone10001000
Desecration20Debuff1 x Bone10001000
Desecration20Debuff1 x Sulfur10001000
Evil Eye1Debuff1 x Bone10001000
Evil Eye1Debuff1 x Mandrake10001000
Eye Rot90Debuff1 x Ash10001000
Eye Rot90Debuff1 x Sulfur10001000
Infernal Shield30Buff1 x Ash10001000
Infernal Shield30Buff1 x Nacre10001000
Infernal Ward60Buff1 x Ash10001000
Mental Weakness70Debuff1 x Bone10001000
Mental Weakness70Debuff1 x Mandrake10001000
Piercing Weakness40Debuff1 x Bone10001000
Piercing Weakness40Debuff1 x Sulfur10001000
Slashing Weakness40Debuff1 x Ash10001000
Slashing Weakness40Debuff1 x Bone10001000
Undeath1Damage1x Mandrake10001000
Undeath1Damage2x Bone10001000
Unholy Caress10Damage1 x Bone10001000
Unholy Caress10Damage1 x Sulfur10001000
Unholy Flames100 Damage3 x Bone10001000
Vampiric Touch50Damage1 x Ash10001000
Vampiric Touch50Damage1 x Bone10001000
Water Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Clear Thoughts70Buff1x mandrake3.53.5
Cold Shield25 Buff1x Mandrake3.53.5
Cold Ward30Buff1x sulfur55
Delayed Shot1Debuff1x resin55
Frostbite20Damage1x ashes1212
Frostbite20Damage1x nacre1212
Gills1Buff2x Mandrake55
Ice Storm75Damage1x bone1010
Ice Storm75Damage1x nacre1010
Icicle1Damage2x Nacre1010
Shards50Damage1x bone1010
Shards50Damage1x nacre1010
Slow60Debuff1x ashes77
Toxic Rain90Damage1x sulfur1515
Toxic Rain90Damage2x nacre1515
Water Breathing40Buff2x mandrake55
Weakening Chill10Debuff1x Bone1010
Weakening Chill10Debuff1x Nacre1010
Witchcraft Magic skill
NameReqTypeReagentPrice $/ hourTotal
Disease20Debuff1x Bone55
Exhaust10Debuff 1x Ashes77
Insect Swarm60 DOT10001000
Mana Leach90Damage10001000
Needles1DOT1x Nacre1313
Needles1DOT2x Bone1313
Ominous Drain100Debuff10001000
Paisy30Debuff1x Sulfur55
Pestilence40Debuff1x Bone55
Spell Curse25Debuff1x Bone55
Stupidity50 Debuff1x Mandrake3.53.5
Tongue Rot70Debuff10001000
Witches Brew75 Heal1x Mandrake88
Witches Brew75 Heal1x Resin88

Darkfall Spell Powerleveling

Spell powerleveling

Service is charged on an hourly rate. We will provide all the necessary magic materials.

We promise to cast the spell (for all spells with CD < 5s) for at least 400 times in an hour.

When the desired Spell Power Leveling package is chosen, we will first trade you the materials needed for this service. After you confirm the reception of these materials, we will begin the Darkfall Spell Powerleveling service.