What’s buydarkfallgold?

Buydarkfallgold provides an array of services for various online games. We’ve been doing this for 7+ years now, and pride ourselves on our wonderful customer service and prompt order delivery.

We’ll go out of the way to help you with your order, and make sure your experience with us is the best you’ve ever had.

How is delivery accomplished?

After you completed the order process and have sent payment, we will attempt to contact you at all of the communication options you provided. Once we contact you, we’ll go about verifying your identity and chosen payment method, and then onto delivering your purchase.

If your order is in stock we will deliver as soon as possible though this is dependent on stock levels, order volumes and game server traffic.

There occasionally may be a delay with your order. In case of this situation, always come to our 24/7 live help where we can answer your queries. If no email is in your inbox, please feel free to log onto our live chat or use one of our various communication options and speak with us to confirm everything is alright with your order.

Customers are our number one priority: You’re the reason why we’re here.And you’re always treated as such.

How do I place an order with buydarkfallgold.net?

Step 1. To place an order with buydarkfallgold.net, first visit our website at www.buydarkfallgold.net

Step 2. Select the game you prefer, and then select the sub-category that best suites what you are looking for.

Step 3. To place an order, simply select your desired product and click “Buy Now” to advance to next information stage.

Step 4. Once you are satisfied with your order, click ‘submit’ to advance to next information stage. Fill in the appropriate details concerning the server and character information.

Step 5. After completing the information page, check the ‘I accept the terms and conditions’ box and click submit.Our payment platforms are currently Paypal and Verisign (credit card). After choosing the desired method of payment you will be forwarded to the appropriate area after clicking ‘submit’.

Step 6. You will now be forwarded to the payment page (either PayPal or Verisign Credit Card). Fill out the appropriate information fields until you reach the message “You have sent payment!” This indicates that the order has been completed and it is now being taken care of by our delivery team.

If I buy an item, how do I receive it?

Item sales are handled exactly like currency sales. We will log into the appropriate game and trade the purchased item inside the game to your character.

How do I receive the login and password information for an account after I have purchased it?

After an account is purchased, the login and password information will be emailed to the address provided on the order form within 1 hour.

Does buydarkfallgold.net support price matching?

Yes. If you find a legitimate and well known competing site, we will try our best to offer a comparable deal. Buydarkfallgold.net’s reputation for lightning fast deliveries and honest and dependable service is matchless in the industry; yet we are confident that we can match any rate competitively on the market.

Do you offer power-leveling services?


Why does the price of currency change all the time?

Our prices are set according to our stock levels and are edged to remain competitive with other sites. Additionally, our prices fluctuate to match the supply and demand of each game and server.

Are there other ways to send payment other than Paypal?

Yes! In addition to PayPal you may also pay with your Visa or MasterCard, or you can send us your payment via Western Union. Either payment solution will result in a speedy delivery. If you wish to entirely avoid the use of online payment methods, we offer a third option of sending a money order. Money orders however typically take up to 10 business days to process due to mail delivery times. If you are in a hurry and are unable to pay with PayPal or Visa or MasterCard, we highly recommend you use Western Union for faster service.

Can I send you a bank Transfer as a payment option, and how much does it cost?

Bank transfers are not officially a payment option available on the website; however we do offer them for payments exceeding one thousand dollars. If you would like to send us a special bank transfer for the purchase of a large amount of stock, please inquire on our live help chat to work out the details.

Why does my order require voice verification and/or fax verification?

We would like to take all possible steps to protect our clients’ details as well as the integrity of buydarkfallgold. By speaking with our client’s on the phone, we not only make the transaction faster, easier and safer, but also strengthen our connection to our clients and answer any questions they might have.