The comprehensive description of darkfall

Darkfall Online developers have announced their intention to change the draft system used in teleportation, completely abandoning the so-called “bindstone kicking”. Instead, the game will teleport Centers (Teleportation Chambers) and outputs (Teleportation Exits). They will be implemented as separate structures, built clans in their towns (villages).The Aventurine announced that the Greek massive multiplayer online role playing game Darkfall arrived one year presence in the market for videogames and celebrates the special trial offers.Accordingly, when entering the center character is able to teleport to get to any of the associated outputs. The implementation process will require a certain amount of teleportation portal shards (they will drop from monsters), and non-clan-owner of the characters will pay more.According to the developers, the introduction of structures to broaden the range of teleportation tactics in sieges (teleports you can destroy, and rebuild), and may give additional clans source of income (access to the teleports will be given for a fee).