The pleasant experience of darkfall online to those who have dediced to live in the virtual game

Having played several months Darkfall during the pilot test, I am sure that, that the pleasant experience that will hit those who decide to live in a virtual game world would fill optimism about the future and proud to be Greek.
Endless opportunities. Be of humble fisherman, a legendary blacksmith, a friendly baker, a confidant hunter, a superb tailor, a mercenary charged services to the bidder offering the most money, a magician who teaches other spells, a storyteller who recounts stories of dungeons and exploring the exotic islands to visit, or a fearless leader of a tribe (clan), who leads the race in countless victories.
The main advantage is the original Real-time battle with other players. Consider how a mage does cast a spell fire. Unlike other games in Darkfall you can do dodge, instead you are doomed to accept the damage that you cause.